Lorenzo Etherington’s Deluxe Collection Books – Review

I apologise for not posting on here for so long! I decided to try out Tumblr for a while but I feel like WordPress meets my needs much more so I’m back!

I’m working on some new designs including t-shirts and a short story (check the Monster Trunk social sites for photos and updates!) but more about that next time! For now I’m going to talk a little more about some awesome books I received in the post last week!

A couple of months back I got an email from Creaturebox which they sent out to all of their newsletter subscribers telling them about some sketch books that were available to support on Kickstarter by a guy named Lorenzo Etherington. I’ll admit I’d never heard of this guy (I don’t know how I hadn’t!) but the attached art work looked amazing so I thought I’d check it out. I was blown away by the whole campaign and the quality of every sketch, I spent the next few days going through The Etherington Brothers blog and I also ordered both books (the Kickstarter was for the second book). Obviously with Kickstarter you do have to wait a while for your product but it’s always welcome when you know you’re supporting a good cause.

So, last week they arrived and just wow! They are massive, quite easily the chunkiest, heaviest books I own, and the second book is definitely the brightest! They are quite literally 2 books full of 600 pages of pure inspiration. It took me about an hour to flick through the first half of the first book, I got so lost in the pages I had to put it down and force myself to get back to work.


Each book is separated into different chapters such as ones that just include characters, monsters, vehicles or environments, so if you’re looking for a particular piece of inspiration you can go straight to it. The books also include some nice tutorials and process sketches so you can see exactly how Lorenzo creates his work. Even the layout of the pages are sure to get your creative juices flowing.



So if you’re thinking about going down the illustration / character design /  comic art route these books are an absolute must. It’s clear to see from Lorenzo’s work that sketching is the most important process to improving your work and fueling new ideas. You may end up with hundreds of pages full of sketches and never use any of them but you can be sure that most of them will spark and idea for something, which Lorenzo’s books are great at doing.

Lorenzo is one half of the Etherington Brothers, his brother Robin is a writer, the perfect combination for lots of awesome stories!

I highly recommend checking out the Etherington Brothers blog where you can see what they’re currently working on and view their other books and prints.

I’m not sure if the second book is still available but you can get the first one here.



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